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MArc Watkins

Welcome to the online home of a multifaceted creative: a dad, writer, editor, teacher, and occasional carpenter. With a rich history of published work in national magazines, including prestigious recognition in the “Best of” series like the Pushcart Prize, Marc has been nurturing writers at the University of Mississippi for over a decade.

He holds an MFA from Texas State University and a BS in History from Central Missouri State University. Marc has a passion for Open Pedagogy and Academic Innovation. As a recipient of the Blackboard Catalyst Award for Teaching and Learning and numerous fellowships, he is dedicated to helping students flourish in their writing journey and assisting faculty in professional development.

Speaking/ Professional Development

  • AI in Education
  • AI Literacy
  • Generative AI
  • Open Pedagogy
  • OER
  • Writing

Get in touch

Marc is available to speak and collaborate on a variety of topics in education. He has developed courses, workshops, faculty learning communities, and communities of practice on AI in education, open pedagogy, alternative grading, and collaborative syllabus design




  • Blackboard Catalyst Award for Teaching and Learning 2018
  • Pushcart Prize 2010


  • ISOM Fellowship 2023-2025
  • WOW Fellowship 2022-2023
  • Rose Fellowship 2007-2010



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